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Renault Trafic Key Replacement

Renault cars use a different immobiliser system from most other brands. They utilize a card that appears different but functions just like a traditional key. They are inserted into the dashboard reader to open the doors and start the engine.

The dealership can repair a renault traffic key however, it's very expensive. Locksmiths are a better alternative.

Immobiliser system

The immobiliser feature on a Renault Trafic is an anti-theft security measure that stops your car from starting if the correct key isn't utilized. The system checks that the key used to start your car matches the one that is stored on the computer in the vehicle. If the key does not match, it will cause the engine to shut off and enter an enforced safety lockout mode. This lockout will last between three and four minutes. If this happens, you'll need to replace your keycard in order to get your vehicle running again.

Key cards are small plastic card that could be placed in the ignition to unlock and start your car. It's similar to a chipped key and is equipped with a transponder that sends signals when it is close to the ignition switch. The signal is picked up by an antenna inside the switch, and if it matches the one stored on the car's computer, the engine will start. The key card can be secured to ensure that no one else is able to use it.

You may need to speak with a locksmith or dealer if you're having problems with the Renault immobiliser. They'll usually identify the required cuts needed to create the new key and then program it to work with the car's immobiliser system. They can also replace your keys if they've become lost.

Many people believe that the immobiliser in their Renault Trafic is a simple system that is easily bypassed by plugging in an aftermarket pin entry plug. The Renault immobiliser is more complex than it. It uses CAN for communication with your vehicle's electrical system, and is sensitive to corrosion or damage.

If your Renault immobiliser light is on solid or flashing constantly, the CAN system probably has a problem. If this doesn't work you, you could try replacing the black connector. If that doesn’t work, visit your local garage for further advice. You may require replacing the UCH control unit, which could be expensive.

Key cards

Renault key cards are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the standard cylinder keys found in most cars. These cards are equipped with a remote key incorporated into them. They can be used to open the doors to the vehicle and start the engine. They are extremely popular with drivers who prefer electronic systems over manual ones. They are also more convenient and safer for drivers, since they cannot be stolen like the regular keys.

When you lose your Renault key or key card, it could be a frustrating experience. The most frustrating part is that you're usually heading to a large meeting or an important event and losing your key card could put the brakes on your day. There are many alternatives to consider if you're in this type of situation.

The first thing you must do is check whether you have a spare key. If you don't have an extra key, the next best thing to do is contact your local locksmith. They have the tools and know-how to make an alternative key for your Renault. Moreover they can do it at only a fraction of the cost that the dealership would charge you.

The hands-free renault key fob key card was invented in 2001 by a designer for the Laguna II saloon. He was inspired by the room key, which could unlock and lock doors to hotels with a click. The same idea was applied to the brand new Renault Espace V, and later, to the Megane.


The Renault Trafics have a complicated system in terms of immobilisers and keys go. Many of these cars have key cards which don't function like normal flat metal keys. These keys are called "proximity" or "smart keys" and they come with distinct design. They also come with an emergency key built-in blade that can be used to open the door and operate the engine. A faulty key card can lead to several problems in the vehicle, for example not being able lock or start it. It is crucial to verify the key card to see if it has been lost. If it has been, it's going to need to be reset to function correctly.

You can buy replacement renault trafic key fob keys on the internet. However they must be programmed either by a dealer or locksmith. The best place to buy keys is a Renault specialist supplier that offers various remote key types. Some of them are sold in blank forms and others are customized to the vehicle's specific code. These parts are available at a fraction the price of original Renault parts.

If your Renault Trafic III has an engine warning light, it could be due to a defective exhaust flap actuator. This is a typical issue for this model and it can be corrected by replacing the actuator. The Haynes Trafic Autofix guide will help you complete this job.

A turbocharger failure can also be an issue for the Renault Trafic III. These are a big part of the engine and are subject to extreme temperatures. It's not uncommon for them to fail at some point, and this could be costly.

Examine the engine and inlet hoses if the car doesn't start. Inlet pipes with moisture could cause problems and a cracked EGR can also stop the engine from beginning. It can be a headache and you must check everything before taking your vehicle to a repair shop.


Renault is a French car and van maker founded in 1899. The company's cars include the Espace, which was Europe’s first multi-purpose vehicle in 1984, and the Laguna 2000 which introduced keyless entry. The company also makes trucks, tractors, buses/coaches and autorail vehicles. We can provide spare or replacement keys to the majority of Renault models including the Kangoo vans, Twingo vans and Clio 4 vehicles. We can start the process of supplying your new keys when you place your order online. We aim to deliver your fully programmed set within three working days.