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The Benefits of a Fridge Undercounter

Undercounter refrigerators let you easily access your refrigerated items while saving space in larger refrigerators or freestanding units. They are available with solid doors or glass doors and some manufacturers also offer ADA-height units designed to fit under an countertop that is ADA-compliant.

In contrast to freestanding fridges, undercounter models vent to the front, which means they don't need to be enclosed between kitchen cabinets. They also have a nicer look.

Space Saving

If you add a fridge undercounter to your bar or kitchen and free up space in the main refrigerator. This is a great option in tight spaces where you may need extra storage for food items or drinks, but do not have the room to accommodate an entire fridge.

The dimensions of refrigerators with undercounter models can vary from 24" up to 119". Some are more shallow than others, which makes them ideal for smaller layouts, while other are deeper and work well with deeper countertops. The specifications sheets for each model give guidelines for clearance to help you design your layout. If you have limited space, you can choose one with a front-breathing design that has its intake and exhaust at the front of the fridge to meet minimum requirements on depth of the cabinet.

Some refrigerators under counter have glass doors, while others feature a drawer-style interior. Both styles offer easy access and can help to make a space appear more organized.

Drawer models lose some energy efficiency in order to give you more space for storage in food pans. They are ideal for self-service areas where the items must be organized and easily accessible for customers. Glass-fronted units allow you to see the contents inside. Also, ADA-compliant units are available with shorter legs that can be placed under counters to accommodate wheelchair users.

A lot of undercounter refrigerators are made for use as a beverage center, providing space for bottled beverages and chilled snacks. You can pick from a range of finish options that include stainless steel and panel-ready that will match the kitchen you already have.

Include a sleek undercounter refrigerator to your home office for snacks, lunches and drinks. Install a mini fridge in your media room to store snacks from movies and cocktails. You can install an wine fridge to keep your collection of bottles. Some units are engineered to buffer noise and reduce vibrations to ensure a quieter operation which allows you to concentrate on the task at the moment. Some units come with the security lock.


If you're running out of space for a big refrigerator or don't want to deal with the hassle of moving a heavy unit, an undercounter fridge could be just what you require. These units are able to be used to store everything from extra drinks to party trays, pantry items such as condiments, food items and more. Additionally, they are simpler to clean than larger cabinets.

Single-door models that are 27 inches wide and can hold up to 7 cubic feet are the most popular. However, you can also find two-door models that are up to 93 inches in width and hold up to 12 cubic feet of storage space. You can also find double doors that have an integrated beer faucet, which is perfect for bars and pubs.

Most units come with solid doors. However there are glass doors available in case you want your customers to peek inside. Some undercounter refrigerators are also pass-through units, which permit you to open and shut them from both sides. This is an excellent feature for banquet kitchens, since it allows you to operate the FIO (first in first out) system easily.

These undercounter refrigeration units are also distinguished by their sleek, compact design. They fit easily under counters or in cabinets and do not consume valuable floor space. They can also be used combination with an ice maker or ice bin built-in. Many manufacturers have models that can be trimmed so they are in line with the cabinetry.

These fridge undercounters are not only space-saving, but can also be a boon to restaurants, bars, and homes. They're especially useful in kitchens with small spaces as an overflow area or for storing items needed immediately. Some models are specifically designed to serve drinks like beer and wine while others can be modified for specialized food items. In addition, many are ADA conforming, meaning they can be operated by people with physical limitations. They are also low-profile, which makes them easy to integrate in smaller spaces. They're often more affordable than larger refrigerators for undercounter use and Frydge are a great way to add storage for Frydge beverages and food in a tight space.

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators under counter are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. Manufacturers are designing these appliances with materials that aren't as depleting and they use newer cooling and freezing technologies which are less harmful to the environment.

There are a variety of options to choose from, whether you want to replace your undercounter fridge or incorporate refrigeration into your kitchen, or create a full service bar. These fridges can be as small as 27 inches wide with 7 cubic feet of internal space, or as huge as 93 inches with up to 40 cubic feet of storage. They're typically made of stainless steel, although there are some made of aluminum.

A lot of undercounter refrigerators are designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens with heavy use. They are also designed to be sleek and compact to provide sleek, modern design that fits any business or home.

These fridges for sale are usually used as an overflow to a larger refrigerator or as a separate wine chiller or beverage center. They can be used to store fresh fruit, party trays, beverages, or condiments. Some are convertible into freezers for more storage capacity for food items.

The most commonly used type of refrigerator under counter is the single-door refrigerator. It is 27 inches in width and has a capacity of 7 cubic feet. Double-door models start at 48" wide and can store up to 12 cubic foot of storage.

Some refrigerators under counters are ADA-compliant and come with shorter legs, which makes it easier to reach them underneath the counter. They can be useful for those who use wheelchairs especially if they do not have enough space to put an extra tall fridge under the counter.

A lot of refrigerators under counter are designed to be able to keep precise temperatures even when they're empty, which is crucial for storing foods that require a certain degree of preservation like vaccines and certain medications. Certain models come with digital displays that make it easy to monitor the internal temperature.


Undercounter refrigerators offer a sleek appearance without the bulkiness of upright refrigerators. Undercounter refrigerators are designed to fit snugly against walls or cabinets, unlike freestanding fridges and mini-fridges which vent through the rear. This helps create an efficient workspace that doesn't interfere with the flow of traffic and allows employees to work in peace without being interrupted by the fridge's presence.

These appliances are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you will find the ideal refrigerator for your requirements. They are available in dual-temperature or single-temperature units, based on your facility's requirements. Most offer stainless steel 430 type exterior to ensure durability and an attractive design. Some models come with an recessed handle to enhance functionality and eliminate the need for additional cabinet space.

The fridge undercounter is a great solution for medical facilities that have limited storage space. It lets staff make the most of the limited space for equipment and supplies and also to avoid having refrigerated food or medications lying on the counters, where it could be easily knocked over by visitors or patients. These fridges are not only functional, but they are also built to last. They can withstand heavy use and frequent cleaning.

Homeowners who are renovating their kitchens may be able to maximize counter and cabinet space with these compact fridges that are installed into the wall or cabinet. This gives the room an updated look and a more streamlined look. It also makes the space more useful for those who live in small apartments or townhomes, allowing them to keep snacks, drinks and other essentials that they can easily access without having to leave their home.

They also make a great addition to an entertainment or home theater center, as they allow you to keep your movie snacks and beverages at hand while maintaining a beautiful design. Install these refrigerators under counter with front vents near an electrical outlet. Also, take measurements of the space carefully prior to purchasing to ensure that they will fit.